TV Programs Defend Attacks on the Veracity of Scripture

NASHVILLE, Feb. 12 /Christian Newswire/ — As the veracity of scripture endures regular attacks, perhaps no area of the Bible is more besieged than the book of Genesis and its creation account. NRB Network’s Tuesday primetime TV lineup is dedicated to quality science and nature programs that educate viewers about the irrefutable evidences supporting scriptural teachings. Viewers can watch these highly-informative shows each Tuesday beginning at 8pm ET on NRB Network (DIRECTV channel 378).

Introduced by Charles Darwin in 1859, today the theory of evolution is presented as fact in textbooks and documentaries. This widely-accepted contradiction of scripture has prompted a need for programming that educates Christians about the fallacy of evolutionary theory and helps them confidently defend, share and build their faith. NRB Network broadcasts a variety of shows that do just that.

“Our Tuesday night programming doesn’t just help viewers find solid answers to their own questions, it arms them with the facts they need to defend the faith and engage the creation-evolution debate more effectively,” said Troy A. Miller, NRB Network President & COO.

First in the lineup at 8pm ET is Creation Magazine Live! In this one-hour news magazine show, hosts Richard Fangrad and Calvin Smith are joined each week by scientists and other experts from a variety of specialties for a lively discussion of topics that support the biblical account of creation. Programs feature subjects like the gap theory, aliens and UFOs, Noah’s ark and astronomy. Creation Magazine Live! is produced by Creation Ministries International’s Canada affiliate.

At 9 pm ET is Answers Creation Hour, a weekly one-hour production from Answers in Genesis. Featuring dynamic presentations from AIG’s founder and president Ken Ham, viewers learn about fascinating creation topics illustrated with easy to understand graphics. Upcoming episodes include Big Problems with the Big Bang Theory, Ultimate Proof of Creation and Jurassic Park.

The Creation Series, which airs at 12 am ET, is a 30-minute teaching program that debunks secular theories by revealing biblical truth about the age of the earth, the Garden of Eden, dinosaurs, the flood and more. In this series, evangelist, Dr. Ken Hovind, tackles evolution and other false teachings that assault believers’ faith.

NRB Network’s science and nature programming can be seen each Tuesday starting at 8pm ET on DIRECTV channel 378. More information about individual programs and how to purchase DVDs can be found at: Creation Magazine Live (, Answers Creation Hour (, The Creation Series ( Learn more about upcoming broadcasts at  

NRB Network is a non-commercial, public interest television channel seen on DIRECTV channel 378. A 501(c)3 non-profit organization, NRB Network reaches a national audience 24 hours a day with programming that educates, entertains and embraces biblical truth. A signature genre block programming model is designed to meet the needs of distinct viewer segments with the right shows at the right times. For more information, visit

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