Human Trafficking: 11 things churches can do

In the field of Human Trafficking there are many people asking the question: “What can we do?” And it is always hard to answer that question properly. The need to do something can exceed the need for help, especially in Western European countries, and the need for help can exceed the resources available in many Eastern European countries. So the most wanted need is to create cooperation across the boarders to get the resources to the places they are needed the most. How can this be accomplished? Here are some ideas:

11 things any person or church group can do:

1. Prayer is fundamental for the work against human trafficking. Always stay in constant prayer.

2. Showing and watching films that describe the issue and discuss how it affects you emotionally. Once I showed Lilja for Ever(Swedish production) and asked afterwards who did upset you the most? And then asked what can churches do in each case and it really got an interesting start to what are the different aspect you can approach. There are other movies to look for; MTV movie Exit and Sky TV production on Human Trafficking; Monster; Born into Brothels (US documentary)

3. Anyone can spread leaflets and information about the issue to others, also at dinner tables can information be spread to friends,

4. Fundraising – support to organizations and churches involved to help individuals with for example clothes.

5. Lobbying with people of influence you can reach. Can be politicians, authorities, authors, TV-personalities etc.

6. Collect media items on trafficking and keep updated what is happening in your country.

7. Find out what police officer is responsible for this area and invite them to speak at lunch or supper in your church

8. Create a cooperation between at least two congregation or churches from different countries. One which gather resources, the other that execute the work. Can be prevention work, information work or rehabilitation work.

9. Start men’s groups to discuss topics such as power, sex, money and its importance for male identity

10. Sometimes a person does not need a safe but just a peaceful, caretaking environment that help to empower them back to life by seeing tem as real, nice persons. This is something to you can offer to organisations working with rehab if possible.

11. Beware of suspicious behaviour! If there is a lot of activity with people coming and going in cars or running stairs, new young girls living next door and older men coming regularly, please alert the police (anonymous if you like). It is up to them to decide if it is something criminal going on or not. Don’t intervene yourself if you see something suspicious, let always the police do it.

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