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Christians unite for Global Day of Prayer at London’s stadium

Posted by faithandthelaw on February 18, 2010

The Legends suite in London’s West Ham stadium was packed to capacity last Thursday (February 12), for a special evening reception, to envision Christian leaders for this year’s Global Day of Prayer London event scheduled for May 30, reports Peter Wooding, special to ASSIST News Service.

“This is a prophetic moment that we mustn’t miss. We have to work together across our class, colour and creed barriers,” said Jonathan Oloyede, convener of GDOP London, as he addressed more than 300 leaders from a wide range of denominational, cultural and political leadership roles.

Oloyede believes the coming together of churches from all denominations and cultural backgrounds could have a significant impact on the capital and the nation: “It’s amazing what happens when people come together in tens of thousands. A big event like the Global Day of Prayer helps people to realise that they’re not just a small church tucked away somewhere, but that they’re part the church of God which is very big and colourful.

“We want churches to unite at local level on Pentecost Sunday 23rd May and then all roads lead to Upton Park the following Sunday on 30th May, where the gates will open from around noon for a 2pm start. It is going to be a fantastic time not to be missed!

Member of Parliament for East Ham Stephen Timms gave his full endorsement to Global Day of Prayer London as he addressed leaders saying: “Faith is a great starting point to pointing to change in our communities.”

Reverend George Hargreaves leader of the Christian party said he believes GDOP London is so important he’s encouraging all their supporters to come to West Ham May 30: “I think it’s imperative for us to come together at West Ham for the GDOP to pray for this nation and for the globe.”

Apostle Paul Fadeyi from Grace Outreach Church in London was also keen to lend his support: “I’m so glad to be a part of the Global Day of Prayer and I believe it’s time for us to come together and pray as heaven is about to come down upon this nation in a way that we’ve never seen before.”

Evangelist Tony Anthony from Avanti Ministries and author of Taming The Tiger said: “I’m enormously excited at the possibility of the stadium being packed out with prayer warriors because when you look at the first church in Acts, it was born in a prayer meeting in the upper room. That’s where it begins with servants being on their knees before the Lord praying for the nation.”

There was a clear excitement and expectancy during the leaders’ reception for what could be achieved through this year’s Global Day of Prayer event at West Ham stadium. But Oloyede hopes that enthusiasm will be duplicated throughout churches across the city and the nation: “We want people to come in busloads and we want people to get involved locally by connecting with other churches and telling them at Pentecost we want to unite together and come together in one place.

“From West Ham we point to Wembley. The significance for us is that Upton Park is where we held our first stadium event. This is possibly going to be the last stadium event we hold before we head to Wembley stadium in 2011 after which is the Olympics. So it’s significant for us that we’re back where we started.

“The Bible says where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty and where the people come together in unity there the Lord commands a blessing. So we’re believing God for a blessing to be poured out over our capital and our nation as the church unites together.”

Jonathan concluded by calling for Christians to start setting their mobile phones to noon to pray the Lord’s Prayer each day in the lead up to GDOP London, saying, “We believe when churches and believers unite together by simultaneously praying the Lord’s Prayer God is able to open the windows of heaven over our city and over our nation.”

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