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DC citizens blocked again on marriage vote

Posted by faithandthelaw on February 21, 2010

On Friday, another court hearing was held in the District of Columbia on whether citizens will have a chance to vote on the homosexual “marriage” issue.  

Last year, the District Council approved homosexual marriage in an ordinance that goes into effect next month. But a citizens group petitioned for the chance to put the issue on the ballot. The DC Board of Elections and Ethics denied it, saying putting the matter before voters would violate its anti-discrimination law.
Alliance Defense Fund attorney Austin R. Nimocks was there for the verdict. “The judge gave us a preliminary ruling which he will memorialize in writing, denying the relief that we were requesting, denying stopping the same-sex marriage legislation from going into effect until the citizens have had a right to vote,” he summarizes.
The attorney believes the courts so far have violated the principles by which the District is supposed to operate. He argues that “in the District, the government should and is of, by, and for the people, like any other place — especially where you have initiative and referendum rights, where the citizens have the right to make laws and have the final say on any law passed by the council.”
Nimocks also told OneNewsNow there is no legal basis for denying DC citizens those rights, so the decision will be quickly appealed.

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