Bill Maher: Enlightened? Hardly. God is Always One Step Ahead

     I have to be amused at Bill Maher the other night as I watched a little of his show on HBO as his hatred of God and religion was on display for all to see. He is one of the proclaimed “new atheists” like Richard Dawkin who foolishly think God is a delusion and man is the sum total of all things. First of all here is a man who has never tried God, has never had a relationship with God and has never sought God and he is suppose to be one of modern culture’s self-proclaimed gurus on God and the subject of religion.  Maher calls the Bible a dangerous book, but I wonder just how much of it he has ever read. I am sure when he reads it he comes with a heart blinded with a hatred of God and  a heart bent on finding some flaw or verse to support his atheist views. He cares little to understand the spiritual truth revealed in the Bible, understands nothing about Hebrew or the Hebrew culture,  understands nothing about the words in the Bible and their great meaning. He is simply a talking head with no understanding of the greatness of God and His awesome nature and love. I can understand his distaste of religion because if he is simply using religion only as the standard to learn about God, he  will be bitterly disappointed. Religion is what man does to try to get to God.  God is the exact opposite of religion. Many things are done and said in the name of religion and God gets blamed or His name gets defamed and He had absolutely nothing to do with these things. Jesus Christ taught about the hypocrisy and hardness of heart of the Pharisees and Sadducees who looked so good on the outside with all their religious garb, rules and regulations, but there heart was a million miles away from God. It was the religious leaders who crucified Jesus Christ while the Roman rulers were trying to let him go. Religion is one of the number one tools of the Devil to turn men and women’s hearts away from God. True Christianity is not a religion, but God’s act of reaching out to mankind and offering complete redemption and righteousness through the finished work of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Religion is man’s attempt to reach God through his own works, actions, and deeds. Christianity begins with the word “done” and religion begins with the word “do.” Man-made religion is referred to as “the way of Cain” in the Bible and E.W. Bullinger explained it best when he said:

                                The way of Cain consisted of not believing what

                                God had spoken and inventing a “New” way of

                                his own…whatever may be the varieties involved

                                from man’s imagination they are all one in asserting

                                that man MUST do something…Man must be

                                something, feel something, experience something,

                                give something, pay something, produce something..

                                he must DO something…where they do differ is only

                               what the “something” is to be. It is this which accounts

                                for the vast number of different systems of religion

                               which evolved in the world’s history…However many

                                may be these differing forms, they are all one in doing,

                                while in true Christianity they are all one in Christ only…

                                Christianity is of God; and consists in a Person Christ;

                                Religion is of man, and is carried on for man, and his

                                interests. It consists of men’s forms, and rites, and

                               ceremonies, doctrines, and traditions, churches and

                               chapels, and synagogues, halls and rooms. Christianity

                               rests on what Christ has done; religion rests on what

                               man can do.

   Anyone who trusts in, follows, pursues and seeks the God of the Bible and the God of Christianity with all their heart will never, ever be disappointed. Bill Maher makes the common mistake of focusing on people and religion instead of simply seeking God with a pure heart. Atheists simply do not know what they are missing as nothing can compare to knowing God as your intimate friend and companion. New Atheists you are simply spinning your wheels in your campaign against God because who can fight against God and win?  Who can contend with the Almighty and come out on top? Don’t be so arrogant Bill, it is a losing battle and has been so since the beginning of time. You are worshipping the God of reason, the God of humanity, the God of intellectualism, and the God of ego, but in the end it is like chasing the wind and building your life on sinking sand. According to the Bible, a person’s life without God is like sour milk. You cannot accomplish all the wonderful things you were designed by God to be and to do. People are created in the image of God and are made to have intimate fellowship with your Creator. Bill, you can hide behind all the TV shows you want, but it will never take away or fullfill the God hunger that you have in the depth of soul. Only God can make your life complete and fill the empty void we all experience without Him. Once you really begin to discover and understand how good and magnificent God is you will pursue after Him with all your heart because you cannot get enough of Him. Maybe one day Bill after all the TV lights and microphones and movies are turned off, you will give God a try. Even though you have given up on Him, He has not given up on you.

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