Russian youth mobilize to turn culture on its ear

Russia (MNN) ― A government report indicated Russia has more than one million street children, and one crime in four involves underage youths.

Poverty, drug and alcohol abuse are rampant among Russia’s youth. But rather than despair, there’s hope. Eric Mock with Slavic Gospel Association says he recently returned from the Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists (UECB) national youth conference in Russia that could represent a turn in the tide. “750 youth leaders were gathered together talking about how they were seeing God at work.”

Mock says they’re seeing that rather than waiting until they’re older, youth are mobilizing in a way only they can. “They are ready to serve today. We had young men–as young as 11-years-old up to 22-years-of-age that showed up to learn how to preach the Word of God–the arms and legs of the local church.”

SGA’s role is to come alongside and help. Mock says the time is right for change. “God is raising up this young generation to be the future pastors and missionaries who will be a part of the church body in the days ahead. If we are not active in equipping the youth of today with the Word of God and with zeal, this generation will enter into a time in which godlessness will prevail.”

Past conferences offered seminars that covered prayer ministry, personal evangelism, creative evangelism, outreach work in public schools, purity and holiness, coordinating youth ministry and working with rehabilitation ministries, among others.

Keep interceding for these youth leaders, asking God to anoint their labors to reach Russia’s young men and women for Christ. Click here if you want to support this effort.

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