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Liberalism takes hit in textbook debate

Posted by faithandthelaw on March 16, 2010

So far, so good – that’s the message from conservatives as the Texas State Board of Education works to set curriculum standards for social studies that could have a national effect within the next decade.

Decisions made by the Board affect textbook content nationwide because the Lone Star State is one of the biggest clients for school book publishers. Jonathan Saenz, director of legislative affairs for Liberty Institute, testified at the Board hearing along with numerous concerned teachers and parents.

“Their message was, ‘Keep the concepts of American exceptionalism and preserve the Judeo-Christian values that have had an impact on our law and government. Do not take that kind of information out; don’t take out some of our notable leaders,'” Saenz reports. “And a lot of those corrections and changes have been made – a lot of good progress. There’s still some work to be done, and so it’s been very encouraging thus far.”

The legislative affairs director adds that liberalism has taken a big hit.

“The effort by the extreme left to indoctrinate, infiltrate and really saturate the social study standards with liberal ideology…has failed thus far, and we’re thinking that trend is going to continue,” he notes.

The new standards set by the Texas State Board of Education will be finalized in May and used in textbooks that would appear in the state’s classrooms in 2013.

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