More than a thousand anti-Christian acts reported since BJP party took office

India (MNN) ― Conditions for Christians in the Indian state of Karnataka continue to worsen after the Communal Violence Bill of last year.

Under this legislation, officials have demanded Christians stop distributing literature as well as share their faith because “it offends the Hindus,” according to Energy Publisher, an international news and analysis agency.

EnerPub reported an incident in regards to this on March 15, where “police went to the Cathedral of Karwar and warned the Vicar General to stop the spreading of Christian literature and Christian religious pictures.”

Additionally, Voice of the Martyrs, USA reported the beating of pastor Ravi Chandran on March 8, when 10 Hindu extremists entered his home during a prayer meeting. The men attacked Chandran and the other believers present, kicking, punching and hitting them with glass bottles.

These two separate instances add to the more than 1,000 anti-Christian incidents in Karnataka since the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) Hindu national party took office two years ago, according to EnerPub.

On March 16, the all India Christian Council sent the government a letter, stating the bill allows for mistreatment of Christians and instead favors Hindu freedom.

India Gospel League also reported on the increased persecution in Karnataka and said believers who do not conform to the new legislation face imprisonment and violence.

These tightening regulations make ministry in the area even more difficult for VOM, who supports pastors like Chandran and provides motorcycles and bicycles for Christian workers, and for IGL, who also supports area pastors.

Pray for both ministries during this challenging time, as well as for the believers and non-believers affected by their ministries.

Click here for updates on this situation and others as VOM reports on the persecuted church.

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Faith and the Law note: Let us pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in India that they continue to have boldness to speak the truth of the gospel in the face of heavy persecution and that the government hears the cries for religious freedom that Christians have made against this legislation.

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