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Arizona town apologizes, allows church meetings

Posted by faithandthelaw on March 22, 2010

An Arizona town is backtracking its zoning laws after halting house church meetings.

Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) attorneys jumped into action after they received contact from the Oasis of Truth Church. (See earlier story)

“The town had issued a ban on a seven-member church from being able to hold any type of meeting — whether the meeting was a church service, or a Bible study, or a potluck dinner — no matter how few people were there or how infrequently they met at the home,” explains Daniel Blomberg, ADF attorney.

The law firm appealed the decision by the city’s Planning and Development Services Department and brought light to their error.

“Thankfully, the town has since apologized to the church and is taking steps to fix what they did and protect the religious liberty of both the Oasis of Truth Church and other churches in the Gilbert area,” Blomberg reports.

City officials are planning meetings over the next two months where they plan to fix the ordinance that banned house churches. The town of Gilbert was also sued in 2007 for requiring churches to wait until late Saturday night to post their signs, and then remove them by early afternoon of the following day.

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