Ohio school discards ‘belief in God’

The Lake Township (Ohio) Board of Education has dropped “belief in God” from its mission statement.  

On behalf of some local atheists, the Board decided December 14 to temporarily remove the phrase, but the Freedom from Religion Foundation is threatening to sue if the phrase is not kept out permanently. Pastor Jack Coontz of Uniontown Chapel of Faith suggests that majority rules.

“We have many churches; [we are] building new churches in our community. And for a handful of people to say that they don’t like that, you know, this is America,” he contends.

Coontz recommends that the few atheist parents there could home school their children, just as many Christian parents do as a way to keep their children out of a public school environment. He believes the Board of Education ought to stand its ground. “We are children of God. We’re not a floor mat for anyone to wipe their feet on us. We are Christians and we’re God’s people,” the pastor notes.

The pastor adds that the answer to the problem in Lake Township and elsewhere throughout the country is “Christians staying on their knees and taking care of this here with God. God’s hearing prayer,” he affirms, “and he still answers prayers.”

A permanent decision on omitting the reference to God has not been made.

The Uniontown Chapel pastor has served on the police force for 29 years in addition to his pastoral duties. He is currently chief of police.

 Courtesy of http://www.newsforchristians.com/

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