A victory for British parents, families

Britain’s Parliament has dropped controversial sex-education requirements.  

On Wednesday the British government bowed to pressure, primarily from parents and Christians, and dumped a measure that would have required public schools to teach children as young as five various elements of the homosexual ideology, among them that same-sex partnerships are equal in value to marriage. Religious schools would have been forced to do the same and to inform children how to gain access to contraception as well.
Conservative leader David Cameron told BBC that parents in England have had enough. “We should be able to help parents more in terms of trying to make sure that our children get a childhood — and that they’re not subject to unnecessary and inappropriate sexualization too young,” he argues.
Children studying smallThe victory, however, is only the beginning for Cameron and his supporters as they continue their fight for family freedoms.
“I’ve been the leader of the Conservative Party now for over four years and [early on] I started talking about the problems of sexualization of children,” Cameron explains. “[So] I welcome the government looking at it — and what we’re talking about today are some specific actions that we think would make a real difference helping parents to bring up their children.”
One aspect Conservatives will be acting on is to instill in government that the overall responsibility for sex education remains with parents and guardians.

Courtesy of http://www.onenewsnow.com/Education/Default.aspx?id=964268

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