The Greatest Threat to Liberty in America is not Radical Islam but Nominal Christianity

America is sounding the clarion call-wake up out of your slumber Christians for the lamp of liberty is beginning to dim and  flicker out. The greatest threat to liberty in our country is not radical Islam but nominal Christianity. The Bible boldly declares “where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty,” and that Spirit of the Lord was upon Jesus  who preached the gospel to the poor, healed the brokenhearted, set the captive free, restored sight to the blind and set at liberty those who were crushed. He led captive to the cross every bondage, every addiction, every depression, every captivity and everything that holds a person in the chains of slavery. He is the Captain of liberty for every soul that comes to His open arms and is redeemed by his saving blood. This same Jesus can deliver a nation that is broken with sin and full of idols. A nation that has turned its heart from God and worshipped the things, ideas and philosophies of humans. God is not needed or wanted by so many, and the voice of the ungodly has risen up with great boldness to eradicate righteousness and justice from every segment of society.

Where are the Christians? Why are they silent? Where are the mighty works of power that are delivering the crushed in the name of Jesus Christ? Where is the great movement of the Spirit of God in the lives and heart of men, women and children? Our nation and our generation needs an awakening of first century, radical and life-changing Christianity. We have too often let the agnostics, the atheists, the ungodly, the unrighteous, the unpure, and the unholy control our culture, our politics, our courts, our schools and our families. We have let them erode the foundations of this great country which was founded on a deep love and trust in God into a bed of secular humanism and the glory of man.

How did this happen? Because most of us practice a nominal Christianity.  We wind up God for an hour a week in church and forget about Him the rest of the week. We watch hundreds of hours of television that weakens our heart for Him while we barely even crack open the greatest and most powerful book about life ever written, the Bible. We say a quick prayer as we rush out the door as we are just too busy to give God much time during our busy day. We let bitterness, criticism, hatred, pride, envy and anxiety rule in our hearts instead of God’s great love.  The greatest power for change, Christ, resides in us with all His fullness but we never activate it but choose to suffocate it with our own fears, insecurities, doubts and apathy. We have more passion for a football or baseball game then we have for the calling of God Almighty. Our love has far too often waxed cold and we are at best lukewarm for God. We have failed to let God build the character of Christ in our words and actions. We have failed to let Him use our hands, our feet, our mouth and our heart for His glory. 

These are the proving hours, the critical time for liberty and we must restore the power, love, deliverance and holiness to the church of a Christ that is alive and setting the hearts of men and women on fire and freeing them from every bondage that holds us back from giving our utmost for Him. We cannot be silent,  but we must speak the word of God with great love and power, fueling the lamp of liberty. We must become involved in our communities helping people and reaching out to those in need. We must be the voice of truth in our schools and our city halls and our courtrooms. We must walk in great wisdom with all the authority of Christ making a difference in every life we meet. Silence is not an option. For our country, failure is not an option. Wake up Christians and let us really make Christ the Lord of our life. Let him direct our lives on His path and inspire us to do great things for Him. The best history of the Christian church can be written by our lives and our churches. The best can be yet to come.  We can be a city upon a hill that shines the light of Christ to a nation that is desperately in need of healing. 

Deepen your relationship with God. Love Him. Read His instruction book for life and meditate upon its great transforming truths. Pray, pray and then pray some more. Help someone in need. Speak encouraging words that build up rather than tear down. Love like you have never loved before and trust God to develop great fruit in your life. Tell others about how great God is and the great things He has done for you. Speak about the gift of eternal life and salvation that Christ gave his life for. Ask God to use you to heal and strengthen our nation. Trust him to direct every step of your life. Have great compassion and forgiveness in all things and never forget there is a day coming that Christ is coming back so you can live with Him forever. Nothing in life compares to God and the great deliverance and freedom He offers in Christ. Never forget we are in a spirtual battle and that God is our coach, captain, defender, protector and banner. Time is of the essence. We cannot delay. Let’s not be nominal Christians anymore as we refuse to let the lamp of liberty go out in our generation.

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