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Atheists say the Funniest Things

Posted by faithandthelaw on May 1, 2010

It’s even funnier (actually sad) they take their God-denying rants seriously.

… I do not know of ANY who think they [atheists] are “just as good” as Christians. That, quite honestly, is an insult to me as an Atheist. Not only do I believe that those who have evolved beyond religion, stand on a higher moral ground, but that most Atheists have a much better grasp on reality, are more open minded, more compassionate, and just simply have more common sense than any Christians that I have met.1

Atheists “stand on a higher moral ground”? They don’t have any reference for morality2, as even the atheist prophet Dawkins admits (Dawkins can’t even say Hitler wasn’t wrong in what he did). That doesn’t mean they can’t be moral people, only that they obtain their moral values somewhere else — the atheist worldview has no method for absolute morality — atheism by itself is without morality.

How about atheists “simply have more common sense than any christians”? Atheism is by definition illogical and absurd. If you want to call that “common sense” you can, but it makes you look silly to everyone else who understands atheism is by definition illogical3. Perhaps that’s why the “New Atheists” frequently use Dialectic thought4 to use two different definitions for atheism. In private, they use the dictionary definition of atheism5 (“There is no God”), while in public they revert to a more agnostic definition — lack of reason to believe in God, but not denying His existence.

Thus, in public they attempt to avoid the logical absurdity of atheism, while in private stating as an unproven fact no God exists. A classic case of Orwellian doublethink6 — “The power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.”

What about open minded? Are atheists open minded? Not at all. They’ve eliminated any discussion of God7 from their thoughts, and the “New Atheists” are actually quite militant in their God-denying. Open-minded? We think not.

Compassionate? That’s difficult to measure, but where are the atheist hospitals? Atheist charities? Atheist organizations helping the homeless and disaster victims? For the compassion measure, we’ll just say he doesn’t have any evidence in support of his position, although any measure would be difficult.

The fact they actually believe rants like this is sad, but it demonstrates the logical absurdity of their position. You’re quite free to be a God-denier if you wish, but calling it open-minded and common sense is laughable.

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