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A chance meeting, a heartfelt prayer

Posted by faithandthelaw on May 8, 2010

An Iowa woman had a rare opportunity to not only meet, but also to pray for the President of the United States recently.

Last week, President Barack Obama made a three-state swing through the Midwest, touting his economic recovery plan for the nation. During the trip, he made an unannounced stop at Jerry’s Family Restaurant in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.
Dee Stodgell, a longtime resident of the town, was in the diner with some members of her women’s prayer group. Stodgell explains that while she did not vote for President Obama, she was in the diner because she knew he was supposed to make a speech at the town square. After her lunch, Stodgell noticed something unusual.
“I happened to look up,” she recalls, “and here was this man walking through the restaurant, wearing a three-piece suit, had an earpiece — and I thought, ‘I wonder if those are Secret Service?'”
All nine customers went to the window to see the presidential motorcade. “To our amazement, the motorcade pulled up to the restaurant we were at, and in came President Obama,” says Stodgell.
According to Stodgell, President Obama visited with everyone in the restaurant, then sat down for a piece of pie with several customers as Stodgell and her friends stood three feet away from him.
“We prayed for him, the four of us, and he kept looking up at us, watching us…we prayed for his salvation, we prayed the scripture that the heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord and he will turn it whichever way he desires.
“We also prayed for divine wisdom. But [the president] kept getting drawn to us,” she continues. “He got back up and is walking around talking to people in the room and he kept coming back around to us, and we just kept saying, ‘God bless you.'”
After half an hour, President Obama left the restaurant.
Stodgell says she now has more of a passion to pray for the president. “Before it was like, ‘yeah, we need to pray ‘ — [but] now it’s like, we need to pray, because God can do anything when his people pray.”

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