Dalai Lama Brings False Peace on USA Tour

MADISON, Wisc., May 17 /Christian Newswire/ — Despite thousands flocking to see the Dalai Lama during his current USA tour, the Dalai Lama brings false peace.
The Buddhist leader Dalai Lama was in Madison, Wisconsin on Sunday to promote the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s opening of the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds.
The Center was created to investigate the making of healthy minds in children and adults. The founder of the Center is neuroscientist Richard Davidson.
The Dalai Lama is a Buddhist and claims to be the fourteenth reincarnation of his predecessors. He is the first Dalai Lama to travel West to promote Buddhist teachings. His worldwide approval rating is at 75% according to a recent French poll, which placed him right behind President Obama.
The Dalai Lama promotes reincarnation and has been looking for the reincarnation of his deceased brother who died in Indianapolis in 2008. After many reincarnations to eliminate human desire, Buddhists believe they will reach nirvana, a state of bliss in the afterlife.
On Sunday, the Dalai Lama talked about ‘oneness,’ a term used to promote pantheism, a belief that says everything is God. The Bible clearly denounces reincarnation and pantheism.
ChristianInvestigator.com believes that promoting religions in the disguise of false meditative techniques is a tool used to get people’s focus off of their true problem.
The Bible says man’s problem is his sin nature. In order to receive peace, a person has to be forgiven by Jesus Christ. Jesus does not remove the sin nature, but continually gives victory over it as Christians rely on Jesus Christ.
The Lord does talk about peace and meditation in the Bible, but not the types of meditation promoted by false religions endorsed by scientists.
ChristianInvestigator.com President Steve McConkey says, “Christians need to wake up to the fact that false belief systems are coming at a rapid rate. We should never replace the basics of the Bible with practices that are not backed up in the Bible as Satan comes as an angel of light. Also, Satan duplicates what God has outlined in the Bible.”
4 WINDS offers ChristianInvestigator.com and 4WINDS.cc. ChristianInvestigator.com, the voice of 4 WINDS APOLOGETICS, is the first news-apologetics site offered by a sports ministry. The ChristianInvestigator.com site was started for athletes, but the vast number of readers are non-athletes. Steve McConkey is the President/Founder of 4 WINDS. He addresses current issues throughout the world through the media.
Editor’s Note: Peace comes from reconcilation to God through the finished work of Jesus Christ and not some reincarnated state of nirvana or through the works of men or women. Jesus Christ is the true prince of peace and only He provides the peace that passeth all understanding and restores a person’s soul. 

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