Football Dad Wants Pre-Game Prayers to Stop

Members of a pee wee football league in Florida are fighting to keep their right to pray before games.

Louie Fromm, an assistant coach for the Holmes County Pee Wee Football Association, requested the league stop its pre-game prayers because they violate his and his son’s First Amendment rights.

Fromm claimed his son has been ridiculed and singled out because he doesn’t participate in the prayers.

League officials responded saying the prayer is voluntary and, as a private organization, they have the right to keep praying.

“I’m just a southern Christian woman doing the best I can being with the children, being out there working with the children,” league president Debbie Gunter said. “And if I choose to pray with them then I have that right.”

“I live in America,” she continued. “And if you do not choose to pray, I’m not asking you to, so don’t ask me not to.”

Gunter added that a petition in favor of the prayers now has nearly 500 signatures.

“We have been saying prayers for four years and [Fromm] started complaining last year,” Gunter told Fox News. “He has a problem with prayer, but while I don’t have a problem with his non-beliefs, he shouldn’t have a problem with ours.”

Gunter stressed that there are no hard feelings towards the Fromm family. She said the prayers are to stress good sportsmanship and faith.

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