National motto gets thumbs-up

A California mayor is pleased with the decision made by county board members who voted last week to display the nation’s motto in the board’s chambers. (See earlier story)  

The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday voted unanimously to place the words “In God We Trust” in the board’s chambers. Mayor Ed Graham of Chino Hills is excited to see such support for the national motto.

“[I] totally love the idea that…’In God We Trust’ is our nation’s motto, and because of that, it does not fall into that whole problem of [the] church and state issue,” he explains.

Mayor Ed Graham (Chino Hills)San Bernardino County is now the second California county to move to display the phrase in a government building as several cities have already placed the statement in their city halls, including the city of Chino Hills. Graham argues that it is appropriate to place the motto in public sight.

“There’s no reason why any governmental entity [shouldn’t] adopt it,” he contends. “It’s not singling out what type of god or anything else like that. Certainly God has been part of our moral fabric of our nation, and it’s good to recognize that.”
Gary Ovitt, the board’s chairman, initiated the proposal, and he plans to pay for the display, which is expected to go up in January.

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