Speaking against China’s one-child policy

Several prayer vigils are scheduled in honor of the Roe v. Wade anniversary across the nation, but one event in Washington, DC, focuses on aborted babies in land far away from the political debate in the U.S. 

China world mapA new movement is stirring in the pro-life community. All Girls Allowed, a new organization devoted to mothers’ and girls’ rights in China, gathered for prayer Monday at the Chinese Embassy, calling out to God concerning the millions of babies aborted, killed and abandoned as a result of the one-child policy in China.
Tessa Dale, communication director for the organization, says the battle to fight abortion is far beyond the United States.
“There’s really two issues going on,” Dale explains. “One is the forced abortion of unregistered children — [which] means that single mothers who can’t have birth permits are all forced to abort their babies by the government.
“In addition, any child after the first one, she’ll have to pay fines that are often up to ten times the family’s salary — which means that she’s also forced to abort her baby.”
Even though Chinese President Hu Jintao recently stated there are no forced abortions in his country, Dale contends babies are known to be aborted up to their due dates. She also says few Americans are aware of the “gender-cide” taking place in other parts of the world.
Related YouTube video“About two months ago, a video surfaced — very popular on YouTube — of a woman who was eight months pregnant who thought that she was properly registered to have her new baby, but found out that she wasn’t,” says the group spokeswoman. “And rather than giving her time to get her paperwork in order, the government…kidnapped her, beat her, and forcibly aborted her child.”
All Girls Allowed is a Boston-based organization with the mission to restore life, value, and dignity to girls and mothers in China, and to expose the injustice of the one-child policy.

Courtesy of http://www.onenewsnow.com/Culture/Default.aspx?id=1280628

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