Life Project USA Video on Abortion:The Truth about Life

The Life Project is a grass roots strategy for awakening Christians to the cause of Life that includes media, curriculum, and Life resources designed to move believers from lukewarm disapproval of abortion to activism for Life.

It eases the tension between compassion and truth telling by presenting a holistic message:  the truth about abortion with hope for healing.

It begins with prayer.  It uses abortion imagery carefully, but without fear. 

More… It does not depend on pastors alone – it begins with prayer groups and grows from there.

It is comprehensive; that is, it’s not just an exposé of the abortion industry, not just an appeal to restoration for post abortive men and women, not just an appeal for legislation.  It seeks to address the whole picture, with the explicit goal of saving lives.

Instead of a topical recitation of the facts, the Life documentary component of the Life Project will focus on real human stories of ordinary believers who have dedicated themselves to saving unborn babies, and on post abortive women and men whose lives have been transformed and renewed by Jesus.

The Life documentary precedes and promotes a feature length movie entitled Faith, which we are developing to show audiences the truth about abortion within the context of an emotionally compelling and compassionate story.

It utilizes digital distribution of video, viral messaging, and an online resource center for pro life activity.

It envisions the genesis of a revitalized pro life movement, with possibilities for spreading the message through film, music, fashion, and public figures willing to take a stand for unborn babies. 


See:  Every Christian needs to see and understand the miracle of Life and the tragedy of abortion.
Reflect:  We need to seek God’s forgiveness for our tacit acceptance of a culture of death, and offer Jesus’ love and mercy to men and women who have aborted their children.
Embrace Life:  We must call believers to embrace Life and have nothing to do with furthering the practice of abortion or supporting anyone or any group who seeks to encourage or facilitate it.
Take a Stand:  Every Christian needs to take a stand for Life by playing an active role in the struggle to save unborn babies and remake our society as a welcoming place for children entering the world.

Our plan centers around helping the Church find its voice and equipping Christians to make a life-saving difference.  By the Church, we mean individual believers, Christian churches, colleges and universities, high schools, and other Christian institutions of all types.  And because we understand that pastors, presidents, and administrators have their hands full, these strategies are designed to be implemented by lay people with the blessing of Christian leaders to rally their communites for Life.

Prayer:  This is where it all begins.  We suggest that anyone wanting to renew their church or school’s pro life commitment begin by starting a weekly or monthly prayer group, seeking God’s heart for Life and His desire for their community – simple, beautiful, powerful – and we’ll have specific suggestions.

Media:  If you believe God is leading you to take the next step in your community (and we believe He will), you will soon have access to a compelling short documentary designed specifically for Christians called LIFE.  Motion pictures are the visual language of our time.  LIFE will challenge Christians to action in a completely new way.  We are also developing a feature length theatrical movie.  Check out our projects here:  MEDIA.

Curriculum:  Our films will help create a receptive heart and a willingness to ask “What now?”  We want to turn that willingness to action with a thoughtfully written, Biblically based, four-part curriculum for small groups that uses segments of the LIFE documentary as discussion starters.

Resources for Action:  The LIFE documentary will be created around profiles of Christians taking courageous and sacrificial steps to save babies and end abortion.  The curriculum will offer practical avenues for life-saving activities, and the LIFE PROJECT website will include interactive resources and links.

Pro Life Partners:  We want to work with any pro life ministry or Christian institution that eschews violence and takes their essential principles from a sound understanding of God’s Word on Life.  Our fully implemented website and curricular materials will contain many suggestions.


See their website at

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