ACLU: Bowing At The Altar Of Evolution

ADF Senior Counsel David Cortman writes:

Let me first state a few lawyerly disclaimers:  I am not a scientist, nor an expert on evolution.  But I was taught in my public school education many years ago that evolution was a scientific theory.  And to my understanding, that remains true today.  So aren’t theories supposed to be tested, critiqued, and examined until they are either proven to be scientific fact (or disproven)?  Why then is the ACLU of Tennessee strongly opposing a proposed bill from that state that would allow critical thinking of evolution?  Now there’s a loaded question.

You see, ACLU’s answer is that the bill is really a guise to teach the “c” word.  Don’t say it.  Because according to the ACLU, even mentioning “creationism” or “intelligent design” is illegal in public schools.  And in this case, even not mentioning it is still illegal since the bill only calls for critiquing evolution, not teaching creation science.  All of this supposedly violates, you guessed it, the same old, same old, so-called “separation of church and state.”  Regardless, if evolution and creation science/I.D. are theories (and the ACLU would not only argue that creation science is a theory, they would argue that it is flat out untrue), what is the harm in critiquing or exploring them both?  Isn’t the ACLU a “free speech” organization open to discovering the truth no matter what the cost? Ah, but therein lies the rub.

“Truth” is not the ultimate goal.  And religion is not really the issue, at least not in the sense that the ACLU claims.  What is at issue is the vehement opposition leveled against anyone daring to question their belief system, their “god,” if you will.  And don’t be fooled; it is a belief system.  Some may choose to believe that this wonderful Earth of ours was created, excuse me, formed randomly out of a big bang, and life sprung forth from no life (tough to scientifically repeat that) and that we evolved from primordial slime, all the way to apes, and then (finally?) to our current human form (I am curious to know what we will evolve into next—unless of course, evolution is done evolving).  But, personally, I find it more plausible to believe in a Creator who purposely formed us in His own image.  And whichever “theory” is true, true science will back it up.  Proponents of either theory should not fear critique.  For if God created the heavens and the earth and all that is in them, He created science too.  And if He didn’t, what does the left have to fear from critical analysis?  After all, isn’t that what our public schools are supposed to be teaching our kids?

Ironically, the ACLU claims that those of us who believe in creation science (currently more than 100 million Americans according to a recent Gallup Poll) are close-minded, religious zealots who are unable to engage in critical thinking.  All we are concerned about, so the story goes, is instituting a theocracy where we leave our brains at home (or maybe better stated, at church), and encourage others to do the same.  Well I, for one, am getting a bit tired of this type of ad-hominem attack.  IF evolution is true, then what exactly is the ACLU (and their allies on the left) so afraid of?  Christians certainly face criticism to their belief system on a daily basis.  And if the ACLU believes that the Bible can be proven untrue scientifically, go for it.  You see, most of us are not only accustomed to having our faith questioned, but expect it as part of critical thinking.  I certainly would like to think that there is a place in heaven for the “smarter” folks, along with the rest of us.  But at the same time, why is it that you can’t criticize evolution or point out its weaknesses?  Think about that with an open mind.

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