Indiana Senate revives measure to de-fund Planned Parenthood

Indiana could cut off all tax dollars going to
Planned Parenthood after the state Senate
revived a measure that would end
payments to the reproductive health care
provider Monday.

The Senate voted 36 to 13 today to add
the de-funding measure to HB1210, which
deals with other abortion restrictions.

Sen. Scott Schneider, R-Indianapolis, the
author of the amendment, said there are
other health care providers that can offer
women the services Planned Parenthood
provides, including cancer screenings, pap
smears, birth control and STD screenings.
“If (Planned Parenthood) wants to receive
taxpayer money,” he said, “They can
simply stop practicing abortion.”

A bill by Rep. Matt Ubelhor, R-Bloomfield,
that would have done the same thing, died
in February when it failed to clear a
procedural hurdle the day of the Democratwalkout. A federal effort to de-fund
Planned Parenthood Federation of America
also failed recently.

Federal law prohibits funding abortion with
taxpayer dollars. Taxpayer dollars that go
to Planned Parenthood pay for other health
care services, which make up the vast
majority of the care Planned Parenthood
provides. Private donations pay for the
abortions that Planned Parenthood

Opponents of the de-funding measure said
that cutting off funding to Planned
Parenthood would leave thousands of low-
income Hoosier women without birth
control and other health services and would
ultimately make abortions more frequent.
One conservative Republican — Rep. Sean
Eberhart, R-Shelbyville — opposed it the
first time it came up for that reason.

Today Sen. Vi Simpson, D-Elletsville, asked
Senators on the floor: “How many unwanted
pregnancies do you think there would be if
low income women could not access birth Sen. Karen Tallian, D-Portage, pointed out
that hospitals will still be able to provide
abortions and receive taxpayer money, and
called the measure an effort to punish
Planned Parenthood.

Sens. Vaneta Becker and Ron Alting were
the only Republicans to vote with
Democrats against the amendment. The
measure now goes to a vote by the full
Senate, and it will have to be reconciled
with the House version of the bill, which
does not end funding to Planned

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