Arizona protecting religious students

Arizona2The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) is applauding Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (R) for recently signing a bill to protect the religious expression of college students. 

Jeremy Tedesco serves as legal counsel for ADF, a legal alliance that defends the right of people to live out their faith. He tells OneNewsNow this law comes at a time when it is much needed.

Jeremy Tedesco (ADF)“The bill was really inspired by the Supreme Court’s unfortunate decision in Christian Legal Society vs. Martinez, where a Christian student group was kicked off campus because of its religious membership restrictions, and the Supreme Court upheld that,” Tedesco explains. “So this bill addresses that; it provides…protection for religious student groups that select leaders and members based on shared religious values.”

He says the law will also protect Arizona students. He notes a counseling student in Michigan who was dismissed from her graduate program when she refused to counsel a student who asked for advice on how to improve his homosexual relationship. The American Counseling Association (ACA), which agreed with the school’s action, objects to the Arizona law.

“We’ve got this momentum building on the wrong side of the issue, basically saying that Christians have no place in the profession,” Tedesco points out. “So having a law like this in place allows Christians to at least get the education to enter their profession. And now we’ve got to make sure that these licensing boards don’t turn around and do the ACA’s bidding and start revoking the licenses of Christians.”

The ADF legal counsel adds that the Arizona law is in line with America’s history of commitment to religious liberty and freedom.

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