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HR 5 is a Dangerous Attack on Religious Liberty and Free Speech

HR 5 is a bill that pushes the LGBT agenda on all people and targets Christianity in every area of life—including the church. There will be an increase of instances where Christians and others are being punished unless they violate their beliefs in order to comply with such a law. And that is just the beginning of unconstitutional chaos in America…

This bill destroys bathroom privacy.
 It would welcome both genders into every bathroom in America.

It directs religious K-12 schools and daycare centers to force children to obey adults who show up at work one day as a man and the next day as a woman. These children are at a highly impressionable age. When kindergarteners have seen such events in the past, many have gone home shaking and crying, worried that they could wake up with a different gender!

And, this bill gags counselors from giving professional help to those facing unwanted same-sex desires or actions. It even criminalizes those who share their own story of finding freedom in Christ from homosexuality in a book or speaking engagement. This bill literally sets the stage for banning the Bible, which offers the power to free those wanting to turn away from homosexual conduct.

And there is NO RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION to this bill!

Further, this bill demands that every religious adoption agency place innocent children in homes with adults involved in same-sex conduct. And it also demands that religious families be willing to accept practicing LGBT minors in their home as a prerequisite to being approved as foster parents.

Under HR 5, property owners would be forced to accept renters whose actions violate their religious beliefs, including renting out a room in their home or their private vacation home.

Home-based businesses would be forced to hire and welcome LGBT people into their privately-owned home, even if they are trying to raise their children according to their own religious beliefs!

This legislation would create many more victims — like women in shelters who have been sexually assaulted by a man posing as a “transgender” to gain access to the facility.

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  • Churches would be forced to host same-sex ceremonies.
  • Churches will lose tax-exempt status for noncompliance.
  • Colleges will lose accreditation for noncompliance.
  • Noncompliant colleges will be ineligible to receive student loans, causing most religious schools to compromise their core mission or close.
  • If churches or religious organizations take overnight trips, including sports or mission trips, they cannot segregate rooms by biological gender.
  • Biological men will have access to bathrooms, showers, and nursing-mother rooms at any time, and stay as long as they please.
  • Churches would be forced to hire staff involved in LGBT conduct, even positions of authority in affiliated daycare classes and give them complete access to all children in the restrooms.
  • Cross-dressers could demand that they be greeters, ushers, Sunday School teachers, and more.
  • Even the smallest slight would give someone the legal right to sue the church. For example, if a person assumed they were turned down for a staff position because of a LGBT lifestyle, they could sue the church for damages, even if that was not the reason they were denied the job!


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Letter to the House Judiciary Committee:

The Honorable Jerrold Nadler, Chairman

Committee on the Judiciary
United States House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

The Honorable Doug Collins, Ranking Member

Committee on the Judiciary
United States House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Chairman Nadler and Ranking Member Collins,

We write on behalf of millions of Americans who are deeply concerned about the harms of the Equality
Act, which hinders quality health care, endangers the privacy and safety of women and girls, regulates
free speech, severely undermines religious freedom, and threatens charitable nonprofits and the people
they serve. H.R. 5 does not accomplish what its supporters maintain, but it causes new problems and will
hurt more people than its sponsors want to help.

As people of faith, we believe that all people should be treated with equal dignity and respect. Religious
groups were at the forefront of upholding these principles during our country’s civil rights movement, and
people of faith continue to fight against the scourge of racism that unfortunately continues to this day.
People of faith serve the marginalized—and therefore uphold the dignity of every human
person—through numerous charitable endeavors, including in the health care sector. H.R. 5 would
unfortunately threaten the incredible work that faith-based hospitals and healthcare professionals do in the
United States. While religiously affiliated hospitals routinely serve—and heal—patients of any
background, including those who identify as LGBT, healthcare providers simply cannot perform every
procedure that a patient requests. H.R. 5 would mandate that all health care professionals and providers
perform gender transition procedures that go against many such providers’ best medical judgment, not to
mention their deeply held moral or religious convictions.

H.R. 5 would also unfortunately undermine civil rights for women and girls by opening restrooms, locker
rooms, and shower facilities to biological males who identify as female. Women and girls deserve access
to private spaces when they visit their local gym or use the restroom while dining out, but H.R. 5 would
undermine legitimate privacy and safety concerns that women have about sharing sex-specific facilities
with a biological man who identifies as a woman. H.R. 5 also threatens to halt the advances women’s
sports have achieved since the passage of Title IX in 1972 by allowing those with physical advantages to
compete against women and obtain scholarships and other awards at the expense of women.

Americans highly value our First Amendment freedoms of speech, association, and the free exercise of
religion. H.R. 5 puts these cherished liberties at risk first and foremost by explicitly carving out the
Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), which would be the first time RFRA has ever been curtailed
since President Clinton signed this important statute into law in 1993. H.R. 5 would also subject private
employers and others to expensive lawsuits if they fail to adhere to strict preferred pronoun policies.
This would affect not only small, family-owned businesses but also charities and other nonprofits that are
organized with a specific mission. H.R. 5 would cause mission-driven employers, including religious
schools, to have to abandon their mission when it comes to hiring certain employees or having employee
conduct standards. Under H.R. 5, women’s shelters would be forced to house biological men who identify
as women, despite the privacy and safety concerns that women staying in those shelters have about
sharing sleeping quarters and other intimate facilities with the opposite sex.
Because of these many concerns, and others, we oppose H.R. 5 and respectfully urge you to oppose it as


Michael P. Farris
President, CEO, & General Counsel, Alliance Defending Freedom

Tim Wildmon
President, American Family Association

Mike Rouse, PhD
President, American Association of Christian Schools

Terry Schilling
Executive Director, American Principles Project

Len Munsil, JD
President, Arizona Christian University

Ralph E. Enlow, Jr
President, The Association for Biblical Higher Education

Thomas J. Cathey, EdD
Chief of Staff, Association of Christian Schools International

David Goodwin
President, The Association of Classical Christian Schools

Jim Towey
President, Ave Maria University

William K. Thierfelder, PhD
President, Belmont Abbey College

Stephen D. Livesay, PhD
President, Bryan College

Patrick J. Reilly
President, The Cardinal Newman Society

Edward Crites, Esq.
President, Catholic Bar Association

Brittany Vessely
Executive Director, Catholic Education Partners

Kathleen Neher, LISW-S
President & Cofounder, Catholic Social Workers’ National Association

John Garvey
President, The Catholic University of America

Mary Rice Hasson, JD
Director, Catholic Women’s Forum at EPPC

Thomas White
President & Professor of Theology, Cedarville University

Rev. Derek McCoy
Executive Vice President, Center for Urban Renewal and Education

Dondi E. Costin, PhD
President, Charleston Southern University

Michael Bryant, PhD
Executive Vice President &
Professor of Christian Studies, Charleston Southern University

Bernardine Clark
Head of School, Chelsea Academy

David J. Beskar
Superintendent & Headmaster, Chesterton Academy of the Twin Cities

David Nammo
Executive Director & CEO, Christian Legal Society

Rabbi Pesach Lerner
President, Coalition for Jewish Values

Penny Nance
CEO & President, Concerned Women for America LAC

Kevin Walters
Campus Minister, Detroit Catholic Central High School

Mike Nalepa
President, Everest Collegiate High School & Academy

Timothy Head
Executive Director, Faith & Freedom Coalition

Paul Weber
President & CEO, Family Policy Alliance

Travis Weber
Vice President of Policy, Family Research Council

Sharon Slater
President & CEO, Family Watch International

Fr. Sean O. Sheridan, TOR
President, Franciscan University of Steubenville

Ken Bruce Kemper, PhD
President, Grace Christian University

Anthony W. Allen
President, Hannibal-LaGrange University

Tim Chapman
Executive Director, Heritage Action for America

Therese Maciag
Principal, Holy Cross Academy

Tim Kotyuk
Principal, Huron Valley Catholic School

Patrick S.J. Carmack, Esq.
Executive Director, Ignatius-Angelicum Great Books Program

Brad Grinstead
Headmaster, Immaculate Heart of Mary School

Michael J. Van Hecke
President, Institute for Catholic Liberal Education

Mark Tooley
President, Institute on Religion and Democracy

Nathanael Rea
Headmaster, John Paul, the Great Academy

Derry Connolly
President,  John Paul the Great Catholic University

Mary Rowles
Executive Director, Kolbe Academy

Matthew D. Staver
Founder & Chairman
Liberty Counsel

Jonathan Alexandre
Director of Public Policy
Liberty Counsel Action

Rick Brewer, PhD
Louisiana College

Gregory P. Seltz, PhD
Executive Director
Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty

Luke A. Macik, JD
The Lyceum

Ken Kruithof
Chief Operating Officer
Miracle Hill Ministries

Timothy E. Trainor, PhD
Mount St. Mary’s University

Eileen Cubanski
Executive Director
National Association of Private
Catholic and Independent Schools

Benjamin Merkle
New Saint Andrews College

George Harne
Northeast Catholic College

Gene C. Fant, Jr, PhD
North Greenville University

Aaron Baer
Citizens for Community Values
Ohio’s Family Policy Council

Everett Piper, PhD
Oklahoma Wesleyan University

Todd R. Flanders, PhD
Providence Academy

Randall Pierce
Queen of Heaven Academy

Rita McCormick
President & Principal
Quigley Catholic High School

Christopher Keefe
Regina Coeli Academy

M. Denise D’Attore, PhD
Head of School
Regina Luminis Academy

Veronica Murphy
Head of School
Royalmont Academy

Scott J. Baier
Head of School
Royal Palm Academy

Thomas Ellis
President of the Board
Saint Augustine Academy

Anthony Biese
TK-12 Headmaster
Saint Joseph Academy

Stephen M. Krason, JD, PhD
Society of Catholic Social Scientists

Russell Moore, PhD
Southern Baptist Ethics &
Religious Liberty Commission

Keith Kiser
Saint Joseph’s Catholic School

Catherine LeBlanc
Saint Thomas More Academy

Kristan Hawkins
Students for Life Action

Michael F. McLean, PhD
Thomas Aquinas College

William Fahey, PhD
Thomas More College of Liberal Arts
Samuel W. Oliver, PhD
Union University

Most Reverend Joseph E. Kurtz, DD
Archbishop of Louisville
Chairman, USCCB Committee
for Religious Liberty

Most Reverend James D. Conley
Bishop of Lincoln
Chairman, USCCB Subcommittee
for the Promotion and Defense of Marriage

Most Reverend Frank J. Dewane
Bishop of Venice
Chairman, USCCB Committee on
Domestic Justice and Human Development

Monsignor James P. Shea
University of Mary

Richard Nye
President & Cofounder
Veritas Christi Catholic High School

Diane Kelly Cavazos
Foundress & President
Veritas Preparatory School

Jo Anne Lyon
Ambassador & General Superintendent Emerita
The Wesleyan Church

John Jackson, PhD
William Jessup University

Glenn C. Arbery, PhD
Wyoming Catholic College