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Ordinary Christians Will End Abortion: Eight Ways You Can Help

When the Romans would leave unwanted newborns out to die, it was the Christians who would rescue and raise them. May our history become our legacy.

Our nation has been shocked in recent months by extreme abortion laws that seem to be hitting us one after the other, starting with New York passing a sweeping abortion law that loosened the requirement for who can be an abortionist, removed protections for unborn babies involved in violent crimes, and allowed abortions through all nine months of pregnancy.

Days later, the governor of Virginia talked about a bill that was in committee, and then calmly discussed how a survivor of a late-term abortion could be killed if the mother and doctor agreed. Then Senator Ben Sasse fast-tracked a bill protecting babies born alive during late-term abortions, saying that all US senators should be able to go on record against infanticide. It was shut down and continues to be.

I’m a pastor in Vermont, where we have been facing our own bill in state government, which some have called the most radical abortion legislation in the world. It has zero restrictions on abortion. Now they are working on passing a state constitutional amendment that would enshrine abortion as a right that “shall not be denied or infringed.” If only Vermont were alone in this. Multiple states now are considering similar legislation, even as other states are trying to protect preborn babies more.

How to Fight Such Evil

As Christians, who believe that God creates each human being — born or unborn — in his image, with the right to be protected, these swift events can be overwhelming. What can an ordinary Christian do in the face of so much evil?

1. Pray.

This is first and foremost. Let’s not dismiss this as a throwaway step to get to the real change. God, in answer to our prayers, does the impossible. Let’s continually ask him to do what only he can.

2. Study the Scriptures.

Recently, I made a list of fifteen sections of Scripture especially relevant to the pro-life cause to help me be better attuned with God’s heart on this subject before I would speak out against it: Genesis 1:27Exodus 1:16–224:1121:22–25Job 10:11–1231:15Psalm 14:422:9–10127:3–5139:13–16Isaiah 45:9–1149:15Jeremiah 1:5Luke 1:41–44Galatians 1:15. I found myself in tears as the weight and impact of Scripture built conviction, holy anger, love, and grace in my mind and heart. Let’s go deep in our Scriptures before we go wide in airing our beliefs.

In particular, Isaiah 45:9–11 hit me in a fresh way in light of legislation being considered around the nation that acts as if a fetus is not a human baby until he or she begins to breathe — or even later. At one point, God says through the prophet, “Woe to him who says . . . to a woman, ‘With what are you in labor?’” (Isaiah 45:10). Everybody knows that a pregnant woman is pregnant with a baby, a human being — regardless of what some of our legislators are proclaiming. Let’s have God’s word feed our minds and hearts, move our hands and feet, and open our mouths to speak for the unborn (Proverbs 31:8).

3. Share Scripture and your story.

Recently I had the opportunity to testify before a House committee. I not only shared Scripture with them, but I focused on the implications for those scriptural principles in our time and place. There is a time for legislators — as well as friends, relatives, or your fellow church members — to be educated on what God says about life before birth.

But we need also to think about how the fact that all human beings are created in God’s image impacts principles of law: like whether or not an abused pregnant woman should be able to seek justice for her baby, and whether or not insurance companies should be required to provide life-saving medicine and procedures to babies in the womb.

The House committee hearing was so impactful not because every person who spoke was a pastor (there were many), but also because of so many others who shared their story and expertise: women who regretted their abortion and had found forgiveness in Christ, nurses and doctors explaining their professional concerns, a lady who was conceived in rape explaining that her life matters and that the law helped her birth mom to do the right thing, and another mother, a social worker, who spoke to why women in poverty need to be encouraged toward the hope of adoption and motherhood.

4. Go testify, write, and visit your legislators.

If there is a public hearing, go on record in defense of the unborn, whether by written testimony or public speaking. I had never spoken in front of a government committee until recently. I was nervous before I got up to speak at the hearing. But when I began to talk about how the unborn have value given to us by God based on being human, not based on what they can offer, I was able to look the two co-writers of the bill in the eye confidently, and publicly declare that it is wrong to say that preborn babies have no rights. God will give you strength.

It is easy to write or call your government officials when abortion legislation is on the docket. If it is state legislation, go visit your elected legislators. When abortion decisions are being made at the US Supreme Court level, we feel there is nothing we can do other than to pray. But the new territory in the fight for life is now in your own neighborhood. You can go talk to your representatives and senators in person.

5. Support your local crisis-pregnancy center.

Your local crisis-pregnancy center does not receive tax dollars as they counsel women to consider adoption, providing them hope and help. They need our support, they need our encouragement, they need our prayers, and they need our volunteer hours. They are on the frontlines. Let’s join them.

6. Get involved with foster care and adoption.

When a courageous woman does give birth to a child who was in danger of being aborted, she and the child often need our support through foster care or adoption. This is one way we care for orphans in the United States. “Religion that is pure and undefiled before God the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction” (James 1:27).

7. Minister to women who have had abortions.

As a pastor, I have cried with women who tearfully have shared that they were deceived at some point in their life and had an abortion. It has been especially helpful to have women in the church who can be an additional listening ear and a reminder of Christ’s forgiveness to these women who need our love and support. Those who were considering abortion but made the brave decision to give birth also need our help in many practical ways.

8. Remember our duty to love.

Protecting the unborn is one way you can love your neighbor as yourself (Mark 12:31). But this also includes loving those we disagree with. Abortion is an emotional issue for both sides. But even as we confront those we disagree with, and don’t back down, we don’t call them names or ever threaten to harm them. They may be protecting the “right” to kill innocent children, but our duty to them is to tell them the truth, pray for them, and — as hard as it can be in this circumstance — to honor and love them (Romans 13:7–8). We also must never forget that the gospel ultimately is what changes hearts and minds.

Not to Act Is to Act

When I spoke to the House committee, I ended by telling them,

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a German pastor during the Nazi regime. Bonhoeffer pastored during a time that his government, the Nazis, claimed that an entire segment of humanity had no personhood. Bonhoeffer audaciously declared, “Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

We are speaking, and we are acting today, and we will continue to do so for those you are saying are non-people. You will continue to hear from us until every baby is not just given their rights back, but has an opportunity to have a birthday.

The question for us as Christians is, Will we continue to pray? Will we continue to speak? Will we continue to act? As a result of the love of Christ poured into our lives and hearts, the killing of babies in the womb cannot become white noise to us.

 (@timothycounts) is married to his best friend, Melanie, and they are the proud parents of three children. He serves as the pastor of Northshire Baptist Church in Manchester Center, Vermont. Tim writes regularly at He Must Become Greater.

The Greatest Threat to Liberty in America is not Radical Islam but Nominal Christianity

America is sounding the clarion call-wake up out of your slumber Christians for the lamp of liberty is beginning to dim and  flicker out. The greatest threat to liberty in our country is not radical Islam but nominal Christianity. The Bible boldly declares “where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty,” and that Spirit of the Lord was upon Jesus  who preached the gospel to the poor, healed the brokenhearted, set the captive free, restored sight to the blind and set at liberty those who were crushed. He led captive to the cross every bondage, every addiction, every depression, every captivity and everything that holds a person in the chains of slavery. He is the Captain of liberty for every soul that comes to His open arms and is redeemed by his saving blood. This same Jesus can deliver a nation that is broken with sin and full of idols. A nation that has turned its heart from God and worshipped the things, ideas and philosophies of humans. God is not needed or wanted by so many, and the voice of the ungodly has risen up with great boldness to eradicate righteousness and justice from every segment of society.

Where are the Christians? Why are they silent? Where are the mighty works of power that are delivering the crushed in the name of Jesus Christ? Where is the great movement of the Spirit of God in the lives and heart of men, women and children? Our nation and our generation needs an awakening of first century, radical and life-changing Christianity. We have too often let the agnostics, the atheists, the ungodly, the unrighteous, the unpure, and the unholy control our culture, our politics, our courts, our schools and our families. We have let them erode the foundations of this great country which was founded on a deep love and trust in God into a bed of secular humanism and the glory of man.

How did this happen? Because most of us practice a nominal Christianity.  We wind up God for an hour a week in church and forget about Him the rest of the week. We watch hundreds of hours of television that weakens our heart for Him while we barely even crack open the greatest and most powerful book about life ever written, the Bible. We say a quick prayer as we rush out the door as we are just too busy to give God much time during our busy day. We let bitterness, criticism, hatred, pride, envy and anxiety rule in our hearts instead of God’s great love.  The greatest power for change, Christ, resides in us with all His fullness but we never activate it but choose to suffocate it with our own fears, insecurities, doubts and apathy. We have more passion for a football or baseball game then we have for the calling of God Almighty. Our love has far too often waxed cold and we are at best lukewarm for God. We have failed to let God build the character of Christ in our words and actions. We have failed to let Him use our hands, our feet, our mouth and our heart for His glory. 

These are the proving hours, the critical time for liberty and we must restore the power, love, deliverance and holiness to the church of a Christ that is alive and setting the hearts of men and women on fire and freeing them from every bondage that holds us back from giving our utmost for Him. We cannot be silent,  but we must speak the word of God with great love and power, fueling the lamp of liberty. We must become involved in our communities helping people and reaching out to those in need. We must be the voice of truth in our schools and our city halls and our courtrooms. We must walk in great wisdom with all the authority of Christ making a difference in every life we meet. Silence is not an option. For our country, failure is not an option. Wake up Christians and let us really make Christ the Lord of our life. Let him direct our lives on His path and inspire us to do great things for Him. The best history of the Christian church can be written by our lives and our churches. The best can be yet to come.  We can be a city upon a hill that shines the light of Christ to a nation that is desperately in need of healing. 

Deepen your relationship with God. Love Him. Read His instruction book for life and meditate upon its great transforming truths. Pray, pray and then pray some more. Help someone in need. Speak encouraging words that build up rather than tear down. Love like you have never loved before and trust God to develop great fruit in your life. Tell others about how great God is and the great things He has done for you. Speak about the gift of eternal life and salvation that Christ gave his life for. Ask God to use you to heal and strengthen our nation. Trust him to direct every step of your life. Have great compassion and forgiveness in all things and never forget there is a day coming that Christ is coming back so you can live with Him forever. Nothing in life compares to God and the great deliverance and freedom He offers in Christ. Never forget we are in a spirtual battle and that God is our coach, captain, defender, protector and banner. Time is of the essence. We cannot delay. Let’s not be nominal Christians anymore as we refuse to let the lamp of liberty go out in our generation.